7 reasons why every business needs a commercial locksmith


Businesses – small or large – take their security needs very seriously. When you are dealing with high volume transactions, sensitive information and crucial documents, you cannot afford to have any security lapses. But what if you run into a sudden issue with your heavy duty industrial padlock or get a tip-off that your digital security system has been compromised? Such unforeseen events can only be tackled by professional business locksmiths who are knowledgeable, trustworthy and resourceful. Finding a reliable commercial locksmith in Fort Myers, FL could be challenging, since most companies do not provide the value you deserve after signing the service contract. However, that is not the case when you are in business with Fort Myers Locksmith Service. We are a premier commercial locksmith service firm that provides a wide range of business locksmith solutions to clients across the spectrum of the corporate world – from motels/hotels to large-scale industries. But why do you need a commercial locksmith in the first place? Most companies use their local handymen/technicians to handle routine lock and key-related challenges instead of calling a professional. It could be to cut costs, save time or just avoid the hassle of dealing with an outsider. Truth be told, your local staff are not trained enough to be anywhere near a high-grade security system. For this, you need a reputed commercial locksmith firm that offers timely, cost-efficient and non-invasive solutions.  

Do you have your own business in the city or work in the administration team of your office? Here are 7 reasons why you should find a trusted commercial locksmith in Fort Myers, FL

  1. Lock repair

Locks, even the heavy duty ones used at warehouses, are prone to damage due to time or excessive use. Commercial locks can find rust, become faulty, jerky or get jammed from time to time. A professional locksmith can resolve such routine issues in an instant. In most cases, these locks are salvageable and can be restored to their original condition in no time.

  1. New lock installation

From front door locks to interior security systems, you will need a professional locksmith to handle the end-to-end security setup at your commercial space. Quality locksmith firms like Fort Myers Locksmith Service can recommend the right type of security system for your office depending on the size of your business and the budget. Not only this, we can always install the new locks at your workplace at a nominal price. If you wish for an overnight installation to avoid productivity loss during day-time, you can put in a special request and our technicians will be happy to oblige.

  1. Office lock outs

What if a malfunctioning security system leaves your staff and clients locked out of the workplace? Not only does this reflect poorly on your business but can also lead to heavy productivity loss. Fortunately, commercial locksmith firms now offer urgent mitigation to such situations by dispatching a team to your location immediately. Fort Myers Locksmith Service is among the fastest commercial locksmiths in Fort Myers, FL that is known for its immediate response and quick action. Next time you experience an office lock out in Fort Myers, FL, feel free to give us a call on our emergency helpline at 941-676-3101


  1. Emergency locks

Keeping your emergency locks in top condition should be the priority for every business owner for two reasons. First is safety. Panic bars and emergency exits are critical in the unfortunate event of a fire or a related emergency. The second is compliance. Authorities conduct a routine inspection to check if emergency exit systems in buildings are in good working condition. If any lapses are found, the owners are slapped with hefty fines. To avoid all this, get your emergency exit locks restored to a perfect working condition with the help of a commercial locksmith.

  1. File/Cabinet locks

Any office in any corner of the world is incomplete without a variety of storage compartments. File cabinets, drawers, safes, built-in cupboards – you will see all types of storage spaces at work. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the locks on each one of them are in good working shape at all times. Since storage spaces like these contain highly sensitive information about the company and its clients, or even personal belongings of employees, you cannot afford to have the keys or combination falling into the wrong hands or a malfunctioning lock impeding access.  

  1. Locks rekeying

While it is not a common issue for commercial establishments, getting your locks rekeyed can be useful if a fired employee or old staff still has the key to your office complex. If you are worried that they may try to gain unwanted access, simply call a commercial locksmith and get your locks rekeyed in no time.

  1. Security upgrades

It is always desirable to have the world’s best security system at work so that you feel safe and secure at all times. With the right locksmith, you can truly fortify your establishment without spending millions of dollars on security. Fort Myers Locksmith Service has been in the business for several years and understands the market inside out. Therefore, our technicians can help you customize your premises with the best available locking systems and give tips on how to boost your security further. Join hands with us and give a leg-up to your commercial security today!