5 situations where you might need to get your locks rekeyed

Changing your locks isn’t as easy as it sounds; there are numerous costs and resources involved that can make it more than unfavourable. But you don’t always have to opt for a lock change in Fort Myers, FL for every other reason. Instead you can opt to get your locks rekeyed which can be a much less expensive affair compared to a lock change. Fort Myers Locksmith Service delivers outstanding residential locksmith service in the area!

What is lock rekeying?

By definition, getting your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FL means changing the working key of the lock to fit a different key configuration without changing the entire lock. This means that the lock is the same, however the older key will no longer be compatible with it. The process involves taking apart the lock, and replacing some of the tumblers or pins inside it to reconfigure it to fit a new key. The process is a lot less expensive than buying a brand-new lock and getting it installed.

But when and why should you choose to get your locks rekeyed instead of opting for a full-on replacement? We answer that very question! Let’s take a look at some of the cases where you might need to rekey your locks:

#1 Moving to a new home

Granted, the locks in the house you’re moving into are completely brand new, but can you be 100% certain there’s no key in circulation to those locks? From past owners, tenants to contractors, there’s always a chance that someone might have access to the space. Opting for a full-blown lock replacement throughout the entire property is not feasible. This is where rekeying your locks can prove to be the better alternative. Getting your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FL renders any key in circulation useless, which means you can now move into your new home with complete peace of mind.

#2 Lost your keys

If you can end up misplacing something as evident as your coat or a hat, keys are no exception! These small handy metal structures hold immense power in helping you gain access to things you prize the most – and they can just as easily take this access away. Besides the fact that you might end up in a lock out due to a lost key, there are far serious consequences that can arise out of a lost key. What if the key you thought is misplaced isn’t actually lost? What if someone took it from you? Or what if it falls into the wrong hands? There are chances your lost key can turn around and pose as a severe security threat. This why it’s prudent to get your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FL right away. Call an emergency locksmith from Fort Myers Locksmith Service for rekeying your locks!

#3 Divorce / Separation from a partner

If you’ve recently separated from your partner or are in the midst of a divorce, it’s evident that the separation did not come with an amiable agreement. Ex-partners or spouses can harbor vindictive feelings against their partner and trusting them with the key to your space after a separation is not the wisest of decisions. It would be prudent to opt for either a lock change in Fort Myers, FLor to get your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FL, to immediately cut off access to your property. This way, you’re guaranteed complete peace of mind against unwanted visits by your ex-partner.

#4 Fired an employee

Firing an employee isn’t the easiest of decisions, and it may come with a lot of unpleasant strings attached. The ex-employee might harbor feelings of frustrations and anger towards the company. Not just that, they may also have access to important files, documents and restricted areas in your property. Business data can be extremely invaluable, and a fired employee can go as far as selling crucial information and data to a competitor. This is why it’s important to secure your property after you’ve fired someone. Getting your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FLis one of the best to restore the sanctity of your space. You can also consider re-configuring any digital locks and eliminating any access the ex-employee may have had access to.

#5 Bought a new home

Whether you’ve built a new home or have bought a new space, you can never be sure who has access to the locks in your property. From contractors to construction workers to handymen, there are chances of multiple keys being inn circulation. If you don’t want to compromise on the sanctity of your space and want to move to a new home with a complete guarantee of safety and security, then you need to get your locks rekeyed in Fort Myers, FL. A lock rekey is a much better option compared to opting for a complete lock change in Fort Myers, FL.

These are just some of the cases where a lock rekey might prove to be a far mor effective and affordable option compared to a lock change in Fort Myers, FL. If you want to get professional lock rekeying services, give Fort Myers Locksmith Service a call on 941-676-3101 today!