Reasons for switching to commercial buzzer systems


Offices are teeming with activity throughout the day. At large-scale office spaces, hundreds of people – staff, clients, bosses – enter and exit the premises at regular intervals during working hours. One can only imagine the plight of the security personnel manning the perimeter doors if they have to verify each and every individual entering the premises. Not every office uses ID cards, and not every person that needs to enter the building must be an employee. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for commercial establishments – small or large – to have a sophisticated interface built into the entry/exit doors to facilitate smooth ingress and ensure greater security. Buzzer door systems have been an indispensable aspect of commercial security. Commercial establishments that already have a buzzer system in Fort Myers, FL will happily testify to this. Even though the buzzer entry system has been around for a few decades, it has undergone rapid transformation in the last few years. From a simple microphone and speaker setup in the old days, modern-day buzzer systems allow features such as video call and Bluetooth connection that allows people to operate locks from far away. If you are looking for a buzzer system in Fort Myers, FL, you will easily get a range of options to choose from. Commercial systems can range from anywhere between $1000 to $7000 without the cost of installation. But before you do some digging on the type of buzzer systems available in the market today, it is necessary to have some preliminary knowledge about them.

Understanding buzzer systems

A commercial buzzer system is basically comprised of two hardware components – one that is at the door entrance outside and the other that is inside. The outdoor component allows a visitor to press a button to request entry into the building. When the visitor presses the button, the indoor component notifies the staff who will then verify the details to allow entry. While simple buzzer systems at residences have just a single button outside as well as inside, commercial-grade variants have a range of buttons allowing visitors to buzz a specific part of the building they need to access.

Primarily, door buzzer systems fall into two categories: wired and wireless. Within these two categories, there are different types of door buzzers you can get installed. A door buzzer with a camera allows for a video calling feature, enabling the staff to see the visitor upon entry. This is also very beneficial for record-keeping as you can keep track of who entered the building and when. Some buzzer systems can be hooked up to the mobile app, allowing the owner/tenants to open the door even if they are not physically present at the location. Buzzer systems also come with access readers, which also allow workers to press ID cards/fob cards against the access reader to enter the building.

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Now that you understand the basics of buzzer systems, let’s look at their various advantages.

Improved security: Clearly, the buzzer door system is miles ahead of traditional or manual alternatives when it comes to commercial security. A buzzer system prevents unwanted entry and allows you to verify each individual before allowing them entry into the building. Some buzzer systems in Fort Myers, FL provide entry logs to help owners keep track of each door release event. This ensures that thieves or vandals keep away from your premises. Since people with malicious intentions are always looking at security loopholes, a buzzer system often proves to be a strong enough deterrent to keep them away.

Convenience: No need for keys. No need to write stuff down. Just a press of a button and voila, the lock’s open. Buzzer systems add a great deal of convenience to your commercial security. You no longer have to physically go to the entrance or even get up from your seat! With smartphone-enabled systems, owners do not even have to be physically available at the premises.

Efficiency: Door buzzer systems, in a very minute way, ensure healthy productivity at work by making the process of entry smooth and convenient. They greatly reduce the workload on front desk workers by eliminating the need for personal verification each time a visitor or some delivery person seeks entry into the premises. They also allow owners to feed in the credentials of their tenants, eliminating the need to have a keycard or fobs.

Employee protection: Workers always feel safer in organizations that take their security needs seriously. With a buzzer door system, employees feel safer and more protected from untoward incidents. Moreover, some buzzer systems these days also feature a panic button, which allows employees to immediately alert the authorities in the event of a crisis.

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